Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simulate A Glowing Neon Light Sign Of Your Logo

I know we all have busy schedules with lots of things to do during the day…. and ya know, that’s the very reason we stay open late here on AEtuts+! Ok, it’s a website so that doesn’t really work, but if we had a store front we would stay open late just for you… you and the date you brought who doesn’t think it’s gonna work out…. sorry, they told me not to tell you… hmm… awkward… Here’s how to create an “Open Late” sign yourself.


  • Core Training Value: In this tutorial we will not only create a realistic neon light, but a set of controls for the light intensity, the amount of flickering, and a switch to turn it on or off, everything with simple expressions.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate


Download Preview .flv

File size 1.9MB


Download Tutorial .flv

File size 288MB

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