Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Blown Away With An Explosive Corridor Blast - Video

BOOM !!!… seriously guys, blowing things up is the only reason why you all are watching these sites, right? =D
Anyway, in this beginner to advanced tutorial I want to give you a good start to create…well…chaos and destruction, muharr harr…just kidding, have fun guys! =D


  • Images You can download the photos of the door and the corridor.
  • Action Movie Essentials The clips used was from the the first volume. But you can download the most recent package here.


  • Core Training Value: Setting up a 3d corridor from still images. Simulating a flaming explosion by animating the doors, shattering the glass, and creating displacement “heat”.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate


Want access to the full AE project files and assets for every tutorial on Aetuts+, including this one? Join Ae Plus for just $9/month. You can view the final effect preview video below.

Download Preview .flv

File size 0.5MB


Download Tutorial .flv

File size 301MB

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